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We are Specialized at

Content Development

– Audio/Video Solution
– Graphics/Animation/Motion
– Photography

Events & Campaign

Digital Solution

– Content
– Social Media Management
– PR/Influencers
– Website/App design and development

Printing, Publishing & Merchandise

Outsourced radio service

– Audio Solution
– Program Solution
– Scheduling


– Media buying
– Consultancy
– PR/Influencers

How do we help brands achieve their desired goals?

We’ve conceptualized and created a collaborative development and design process called Thought Creation that involves combining your knowledge with our experiences to get the best results.

We do not impose our own solutions upon you; they may or may not be appropriate for the business situation you are facing. We are always more interested in working together and for this, our tools are:












Marketing the solution


Blueprint creation




Impact analysis and many more

Why work with us?

We embrace your brand’s values and define a seamless experience for your audience together.

Give us an opportunity, and let us work together to build a mutually beneficial and great partnership

We are good listeners
Listening often gets half the job done. Not listening also means disastrous and disappointing results, which is, unfortunately, a commonality in Bangladesh.

However, we desire to stay different. We listen to get to know you better, to know your story and to build a story for your brand, or to improve the story that is already there.

In this regard, we follow an empathic approach, which is often the core element of good design.
Our excellent listening skills help us in unraveling your and your brand’s story.

We believe in having partners and not clients
Our clients are proactive partners in our processes, and help us direct the brand towards the correct path. From the initial point of contact, and until going live with our services—you are an integral part of the collaborative design team which means that we don’t only work for you, we work with you.
We believe that the premium is in the details
We consider and take notice of every detail; none of the discussion points are trivial to us—no matter where, when and what.

We will go the extra mile to ensure that every assignment is fulfilled to the client’s satisfaction, and every dot, line, words and codes are refined and delivered in pristine condition.

We prepare the ideal package which is an amalgam of all the excellent ideas constructed jointly and woven flawlessly within.

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